Select From GradeA-Grade D

Select From GradeA/B/C/D

Different Grades Features

GRADE A Devices

Devices will have no visible signs of wear, no scratches, dings, chips, etc. when held at arms legnth. It will basically look like a brand new device.

GRADE B Devices

Devices may have very minor cosmetic blemises. They will be cosmetically in great overall condition.

GRADE C Devices

Devices will have signs of normal wear and tear. They will/may have some minor dings in the housing and scratches in the glass but will have absolutely no cracked glass.

GRADE D Devices

In the event we have requests for phones to be sold for parts, you may see grade D devices. Grade D will have cracked screens and or cracked glass on the rear of the device. These devices are sold as-is and no function testing has been performed.

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